Louis Poulsen PH5 Mini Pendant Light


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Product Description

Louis Poulsen

Poul Henningsen’s classic PH5 lamp is perhaps the most recognized symbol of modern Danish design.

Here is the Mini Version. Perfect on it’s own or grouped with friends. Just like the PH 5,  is uniquely designed to provide glare free illumination. The design of the visible reflectors ensures that light is directed both vertically and horizontally. Light is diffused through a sandblasted glass shield located in the lower shade. This stunning little pendant light is produced by Louis Poulsen in Denmark.

All of the PH5 Mini lamps have a matte powder coated finish. Blue anti-glare disc for Classic and Hues of Orange. Green anti-glare disc for Hues of Red and Hues of Rose. Red anti-glare disc for Hues of Green and Hues of Blue. Rose anti-glare disc for Hues of Grey and Modern White (Glossy Outside).


11.8″ in Diameter x 6.4 High

Additional Information
Canopy: White
Cord type: 3-conductor
18 AWG white PVC power cord
Cord length: 12’

Light Source
Light source 6W LED/ LEDK
120V – UL Listed


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