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American Leather’s New Comfort Recliner

American Leather’s New Comfort Recliner
Katy  |  10.15.11  |  Furniture, New Products

American Leather reinvented the sofa sleeper when they launched the Comfort Sleeper Collection. A new concept was created; one involving comfort and luxury. No longer would your guests be forced to sleep on a thin, sagging mattress with bars pushing into their backs.

American Leather has done it again. The new Comfort Recliner Collection eliminates all of the problems and discomfort found in a traditional recliner. American Leather assessed every detail of the recliner, creating a system that is effortless and fully adjustable. Aesthetically and functionally, the Comfort Recliner has it all.

Each style (there are Seven!) of the Comfort Recliner is available in three sizes, allowing you to find a chair that fits your body and preferences. These chairs have a very special swivel function. Swiveling or rotating the chair will actually raise or lower its height. Simply turn the chair around 5 times to adjust the chair height by 1 inch. The headrest also allows for full customization. It can be bent forward for additional support and raised up to 2 inches.

And it doesn’t stop there. The Comfort Recliners have a unique gas-assisted footrest that allows you to easily move the footrest into any position. If you prefer to have your legs raised only slightly – simply lift the lever to raise the footrest until it is in your ideal position. An extra long, continuous footrest will support you throughout the length of your legs. The weight balanced mechanism allows you to stop the back at any angle when reclining. Simply recline a few inches for watching TV or go all the way back to take a snooze.

American Leather has covered all aspects of comfort and fit. They have also created a luxury recliner that will look beautiful in your home. Choose from the 7 different attractive styles to fit your taste. A huge variety of durable fabrics and leathers are available. And because these are made in Texas, it’s only a matter of a few weeks before you can have a fully customized recliner. The option of a wood, metal, or upholstered swivel base or wood legs gives you further control over how your Comfort Recliner will look.

If you get a chance to sit in a Comfort Recliner, I suggest you take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the perfection that American Leather has created. We are happy to say that we have several on our floor (that I may occasionally sit in) at our 3420 University Avenue location in Madison, WI. To view the full Comfort Recliner Collection, click here.


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