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What should I do with my Outdoor Furniture this Winter?

What should I do with my Outdoor Furniture this Winter?
Krista  |  09.27.12  |  Furniture

In the land of two months of summer, we are faced with the ever present dilemma of wanting to make the most of the warm days we have, but also being realistic about how long we will get to use our outdoor furniture.  Just a little planning can make these fun pieces enjoyable year round.  When the weather gets colder, just bring it in!

Saxo Chat Chairs

Outdoor Furniture Spotted: This ceramic stool looked beautiful in the garden all summer, and after the flowers faded, it can still reside in your favorite place — now indoors–to enjoy your morning coffee.

Innovation Sleeper

Outdoor Furniture Spotting: Already a savvy space saver with an Innovation Sleeper in the spare room, using this outdoor stool as a coffee table saves storage space (and adds a much needed pop of color for winter).

Herman Miller Magis Air Chair

Outdoor Furniture Spotting: Kid’s rooms and outdoor furniture can be the best of friends. If it’s made to handle the conditions, it should be able to handle a ten year old, right? Durable, washable and colorful makes this combination a win-win.

If you still aren’t convinced, there are options for outdoor furniture that can be left out year round… just don’t forget that it’s there and accidentally run it over with the snow mobile… hypothetically speaking of course… (don’t worry, the story has a happy ending)

Starting to feel the creative juices flowing?  Check out this link for more: outdoor furniture.  And feel free to ask if you need suggestions or if you’d just like to hear the outcome of the snow mobile story.

Happy Outdoor Furniture Shopping!


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