Pablo Superlight Table Light

Includes 4 Magnetic Felt Pads in Mustard, Turquoise, Chestnut and Charcoal


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Product Description


Super flexible task lighting. The Superlight Table Light by Pablo Designs has every feature you’ll need with easy-to-use adjustments. This modern LED task light has 3 moving joints to create a flexible light that can easily move across your work space. The advanced LED array eliminates multiple shadows. Customize your light by choosing any of the four magnetic felt pads included with the light. Choose from turquoise, chestnut, mustard and charcoal. There all included – so you can change the color of your light as your mood or office decor changes.

Superlight Adjustments

Use the tab at the end of the light to rotate your light source, pointing it to the exact location where you need light. A small button next to the tab controls the light. Click once for on and off. Hold the button to dim the light and release when you’ve found the ideal light level. The light is fully dimmable (0 – 100%).


Base: 8″ Diameter
17″ – 22″ High
20.75″ x 32.75″ Deep

Aluminum Body
Polycarbonate Lens
Steel Base
Felt Base Pads

3-axis rotation at each joint
Ultra-light minimal frame
4 colored base pads
Advanced LED array eliminates multiple shadows
6-hour energy saving auto-off timer
Full-range dim control
Ships flat-packed

Voltage: 120/220V 60Hz
Power consumption: 8.5W
Color temperature: 3000K
Luminosity: 700 Lumens
Luminaire efficacy: 81 Lumens/Watt
Color Rendition Index: 85+ CRI
50K hour lifespan
Cord length: 9’ (274cm)
Global multi-plug adapter available
1 year warranty

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