Stressless Sky Mattress

Made in Norway

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Product Description


The highly comfortable Stressless® Sky mattress is built with one purpose only: To make you sleep better.

The Stressless® Sky mattress easily adapts to your individual needs, thanks to its innovative AdaptiveZones™ pocket springs and NordicSoft™ foam.  All the mattress layers are carefully calibrated to provide perfect sleep comfort and quality, regardless of body shape and comfort preferences. The base mattress is made with high quality individual springs, cradling your hips and shoulders. The Cloud layer is exclusively made in Norway and add even more comfort and support.

The cover on the side panel is made from a wool blend and is fire resistant without the use of any chemicals. It provides breathability, strength, and warmth without being hot. Wool does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria and is naturally self-cleaning. The leather handles on the sides ensures ease of transportation.



Queen: Width: 593/4  inch Length: 79 inch Height: 121/4 inch
King: Width: 75 inch Length: 79 inch Height: 121/4 inch


1. Cloud layer
The Cloud layer is a hygienic and highly elastic knitted fabric with excellent ventilation properties. The elastic material enhances the softness of the NordicSoft™ foam, adapting to the body contours for an instantly comfortable sleep surface.

2. Support layer
The support layer is equipped with high-quality pocket springs with AdaptiveZones™. The mattress has five zones that provide excellent support for spine alignment whilst cradling your shoulders and hips. The spring unit is enveloped in a layer of our elastic and supportive in-house developed foam.

• Medium soft comfort
• Cload layer 3″ NordicSoft™ foam
• Support layer 8” Pocket springs
• 5 AdaptiveZones™
• Mattress height: 11″

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