Stressless Fabric Care Kit


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Product Description

The handy Stressless Fabric Care Kit contains products to remove almost any fresh stain. A helpful guide (included) provides specific instructions for removing all of the most common stains. This fabric care kit contains everything you’ll need to clean your fabric furniture without removing the cover. When used correctly, these products dry within an hour, so you can get back to enjoying your furniture.

This kit contains a large spray bottle of Fabric Cleaner, a smaller bottle of Stain Remover and packets of Ox3 Cleaner, which can be diluted with water to to remove resistant stains containing color or dye.

We recommend testing the product in a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure the product does not change the look of your leather in an undesirable way.




7.5 oz. (225 ml) bottle of Fabric Cleaner
3.5 oz. (100 ml) bottle of Stain Remover
5 Packets of Ox3 Cleaner
Instruction Booklet

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