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Product Description


The Stokke® Sleepi Crib features a unique oval shape structure that provides a comfortable, nurturing space for your little one. Lockable, swiveling wheels makes it a breeze to move this crib from one space to another. A height adjustable mattress base allows you to move the height of the mattress down as your baby grows.  As your baby transitions into toddler hood, simply remove the wheels and one side of the crib, creating a cozy toddler bed.

This unique crib can grow with your child up to 10 years of age with the optional Junior Extension Kit. It expands to accommodate the changing needs – and sizes – of the growing child, while maintaining a comforting familiarity with its distinctive oval shape. Once your baby reaches the curious climbing stage, you can remove one side of the bed for easy access, and to boost feelings of freedom and independence. The Sleepi is also available as a Bassinet.

The award winning Sleepi™ Crib is made of beechwood with a high-quality protective coating that makes it easy to clean and maintain for years to come. This crib complies with all international safety standards. This crib MUST be purchased with the Sleepi Colgate Mattress.


50″W x 29″D x 34.3″H

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