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Product Description

U-Turn Audio

Dust off your records and enjoy brilliant sound and simple design with our Orbit Plus turntable. The acrylic platter is easy on the eyes and provides more speed stability and dissipates unwanted resonances — the result: more lifelike tonality and punchier bass. The Ortofon OM5E cartridge is perfect for listeners who enjoy a wide variety of genres. Bouncing from Blondie to Beyoncé has never sounded better. Opt for a built-in preamp if you don’t already have an amp or receiver with a clearly labeled phono input. You can read more about different ways to setup your new turntable in the FAQS tab below. Choose from 7 versatile finishes.



Ortofon OM5E cartridge w/ elliptical diamond stylus
Acrylic Platter
Precision gimbal tonearm w/ adjustable counterweight
Low-noise AC synchronous motor
33/45 RPM manual speed adjustment

16.75″W x 12.5″D x 4.25″H
12.5 lbs
S/N Ratio
-79 dBA
-63 dBA
Input voltage

Included in the Box
Orbit Plus Turntable
Dust Cover
Felt Mat
AC Adapter
RCA Cables


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How do I setup my new turntable?

There are several ways to setup and connect your new turntable – we can help find the right option!

The Simple Setup
As the name suggests – this is the simplest way to setup your new turntable. All you’ll need is your new Orbit Plus turntable with a built-in preamp and powered speakers. Connect your Orbit to your speaker’s RCA or 3.5mm AUX input using the included cables and rock on!

The Traditional Setup
If you already have a stereo receiver and passive speakers, the traditional setup is likely the option for you. First, connect your Orbit Plus to your stereo receiver w/ dedicated phono input. Next, connect your stereo receiver to your passive speakers using speaker wires. In this scenario, the receiver contains both the phono preamp and the power amp to drive the passive speakers.

The Modular Setup
The modular setup is probably the right setup for you if you have an amplifier without a dedicated phono input. In this scenario, you’ll connect your Orbit Plus to an external phono preamp which you’ll connect to a separate power amplifier. Your passive speakers will connect to the power amplifier.