Motawi Tileworks – Pine Landscape – Valley (Summer)

Handmade in Ann Arbor, MI


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Product Description

The Pine Landscape – Valley (Summer) tile from Motawi Tileworks was adapted from a tile designed by Addison LeBoutillier. A pine landscape is pictured in the foreground, with mountain peaks and a pale blue sky in the background.

Motawi uses a raised-line technique when making their decorative ceramic tiles. Raised ridges in the tile create the detailed design and contain the colorful glaze. Clean lines and precise details make this tile a true work of art!

The tile has a notch on the back for hanging. A display easel, specifically designed for Motawi’s tiles, is also available to purchase. The tile is made by hand in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


4″ x 4″
5/8″ thick

Glazed ceramic

Notch on the back for hanging

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Handmade in Ann Arbor, MI