Motawi Tileworks 5-Inch Emerson Display Easel


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Product Description

Motawi Tileworks

Create an artistic display with the Motawi Tileworks 5-Inch Emerson Display Easel. Set any 4″ tall, or standard-sized, Motawi tile on this easel. It allows you and your guests to admire the intricate details of your Motawi tile on a table top or shelf.

The easel is made from a single piece of steel with a durable powder-coated matte black finish. It is specifically designed to hold all 4″ tall Motawi tiles and all standard-sized Motawi tiles. It will not accommodate a frame or a framed tile.



The 5-inch Emerson Easel is specifically designed to accommodate all unframed Motawi tiles that are 4″ tall or standard-sized.

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