Master Cabinetmaker’s Fabric Cleaner

Made in Denmark.


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Product Description

Master Cabinetmaker’s Fabric Cleaner is specially designed to clean and rinse all types of fabrics, and it can also be used on carpets. It removes stains from coffee, red wine, soda, and jam.

For environmental and safety reasons, MC’s Fabric Cleaner is produced with carbon dioxide as a propellant. Made in Denmark.



Spray the product directly on the stain and massage the foam into the fabric with clean fingers, a soft lint free cloth, or a soft sponge. Let the foam rest for approximately 2 minutes. Wipe off with a soft cloth that has been dampened with clean water. With difficult stains, the treatment can be repeated, and ideally the foam should rest for 6-8 minutes before it’s wiped off.

Always read the label before using the product.

16 fl. oz.


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