Louis Poulsen AJ Oxford Table Lamp

Designed by Arne Jacobsen

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Product Description

Louis Poulsen

The AJ Oxford Table Lamp has a sleek graphic expression, which reflects the architecture of St Catherine’s College, in Oxford, for which it was originally designed. St Catherine’s College, inaugurated in 1963, was designed by Arne Jacobsen in a modernist architectural style, which stands in contrast with the surrounding classical architecture of Oxford University. The AJ Oxford Table Lamp was first designed as a table pin lamp for the impressive dining hall at the college, which housed long rows of oak tables, seating 350 people. The table lamps act as centerpieces on the tables, while natural light comes from clerestory windows and the wall-mounted AJ Eklipta provides diffused general lighting. The lamp is still found at St Catherine’s College, which is still in use today, both for teaching and as a halls of residence for students. The AJ Oxford lamp, features a slim stem, similar to those of the AJ lamp collection, which seamlessly merges into the circular base. With its graphic style and monochrome color palette, the AJ Oxford Table lamp is a timeless addition to any home. The table lamp is available in a few variants, both with or without the metal top shade and in two different heights, where the smaller one is ideal for compact spaces and sits perfectly on a shelf or windowsill. Additionally, the taller version is also available as a pin table lamp, as a testament to Arne Jacobsen’s original design.


Short: 11.2″H x 8.7″ Dia

Tall: 16.25″H x 8.7″ Dia


Materials: Shade: Mouth-blown three layered white opal glass. Stem and top shade: Steel. Mounting device for pin mounting: Aluminium. Union nut and finger screw in untreated brass with fine clockwise hairlines. Please note the untreated brass will patinate.
Finish: Black wet painted stem with shade in three layered mouth-blown opal glass. Top shade: Black wet painted with white inner side.

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