Motawi Tileworks – Pine Landscape (Summer, Horizontal)

Handmade in Ann Arbor, MI


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Product Description

Motawi Tileworks

The Pine Landscape (Summer, Horizontal) tile consists of abstract shapes that form an elegant landscape. It is recognized as a Motawi Tileworks signature series tile. Its design is adapted from an Addison LeBoutillier tile, and it is the first design where Motawi used more than one glaze color.

This decorative ceramic tile is handcrafted in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It can be displayed on the wall, using the notch on the back of the tile, or on an easel. The easel which is specifically designed for Motawi’s tiles is also available to purchase.


3 13/16″ x 7 13/16″
5/8″ Thick

Glazed ceramic

Notch on the back for hanging

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