Gubi C Chair All French Cane


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Product Description


One of Marcel Gascoin’s most well-known pieces, the C-Chair Dining Chair, was designed in 1947. The chair represents not only the aesthetic and practical power of Gascoin’s designs but also the social conscience he strongly demonstrated through the post-war years in France. The C-Chair was originally created out of necessity to fit into the new sizes of homes built at the end of World War II, where Gascoin made up for the lack of space by creating simple, functional furniture. Cleverly designed with great attention to details, the C-Chair possesses an elegant shape yet sturdy construction rooted in a simple, minimal and strong design language. Characterised by voluminous and vigorous legs juxtaposed by an inviting seat in lighter material like cane, straw or fabric, the quality of the C-Chair reveals itself through modern lines, sobriety and high-quality wooden workmanship.



21.25″W 33″H x 22″D


  • Market Compliance:Global
  • Design:C-Chair
  • Product Net Weight Kg:5.3
  • Gross Weight Kg:7.8
  • Gross Height Meter:0.84
  • Gross Length Meter:0.55
  • Gross Depth Meter:0.56
  • Seating Dimensions Dx Wx H:53 x 41 x 79 cm
  • Seat Height:46 cm
  • Seat Width:41 cm
  • Seat Depth:42 cm
  • Back Height:39 cm

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