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Product Description


The Beetle Ottoman is adding an extra level of comfort to the Beetle Lounge Chair but is expressive enough to stand alone and have its own saying in the interior decoration. The Beetle Ottoman carries strong references to the designer GamFratesi’s inspirational source; the insect world, more specific the world of beetles. The design of the Beetle Ottoman reinterprets the characteristic elements of the beetles’ sections: shape, shells, sutures, rigid outside and soft inside, and the result is an ottoman that cunningly interprets the shell of this four-legged creature. The wide range of upholstery options allows matching the current interior or add a splash of color.

Additional upholstery and base color options are available. Contact us for more details.



17.75″W x 23.6″H x 15.75″D


Design: Beetle

Product Net Weight Kg: 5.5

Gross Weight Kg: 7.4

Gross Height Meter: 0.65

Gross Length Meter: 0.47

Gross Depth Meter: 0.47

Seating Dimensions Dx Wx H: 45x60x40 Cm

Seat Height: 38 Cm

Seat Width: 60 Cm

Seat Depth: 45 Cm

Base Leg Thickness: Ø1,0-1,6 Cm

Frame Width: 58 Cm

Frame Depth: 42 Cm

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