Cherner Stacking Side Chair with Wire Base

The Original from The Cherner Chair Company


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Product Description

Designed in 1958, this plywood chair by Norman Cherner is a mid-century icon. Made to the same specs that it was in the fifties, this chair is made using the best molded plywood construction. Designed to last the decades, the Cherner Chair will be a beautiful addition to your space.

Made in USA.


Width: 19″
Depth: 21″
Overall height: 31-1/2″
Seat height: 18″

Natural – These finishes have a clear top coat where the natural variations in the color and the grain of the wood are clearly visible. No stain or color enhancements are used. Natural finishes include: Beech, Red Gum and Walnut.

Classic – Aniline dyes and water-based low VOC varnishes are used to produce a finish where the natural grain texture of the wood is clearly visible with uniform color throughout. Classic finishes include: Walnut, Ebony and Stella Orange.

Lacquer – Products with a lacquer finish are smooth to the touch with a uniform color with no wood grain visible. There are no natural variations in color or texture. Lacquer finishes include: Ebony and White.

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