BDI Sequel 20® Lift Desk

Ergonomic and organized.

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Product Description


Our Sequel 20 Office Collection from BDI was designed with an emphasis on ergonomics and organization. With Sequel 20, modern design comes together with innovative features to create one of our most inviting, organized, and efficient series yet! Work smarter with the Sequel Series from BDI.

Sequel 20 Lift Desk Features

A micro-etched black glass top provides a durable work surface that resists scratches and watermarks. It also makes a great writing surface and is compatible with optical mouses. A solid platform with wood trim supports the glass top and adds a touch of visual warmth. Customize the wood trim to fit your unique design aesthetic.

A black, metal base and high quality motor provide smooth, effortless operation. This powered sit-stand desk features a programmable digital keypad to remove all of the guesswork out of adjusting your desk. Program 4 different height settings or simply move the desk up or down and watch the display show you the exact height of the worktop in inches.

Integrated wire management allows you to organize cords and keep them out of sight. A handy port at the top of the desk allows you to route cords from your monitor, desk light and charges to below the desk. A wire management ledge can hold a bundle of cords or a power strip.

Add the optional storage drawer to create the perfect storage spot for a keyboard, mouse, and accessories. It’s lined with non-slip material to keep contents secure. The drawer front is wood and will match your desk’s wood finish.

The BDI Sequel Lift Desk is also compatible with third party monitor arms that have clamp mounting options.

Complete your work space, whether at home or at the office, with the Sequel Mobile File, 3-Drawer File, Lateral File, and Multifunction Cabinet.


60″W x 24″D or 66″W x 30″D

129 pounds / 156 pounds

Top Shelf Capacity: 150 lbs

Assembly required. 


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