Fjords Regent Recliner & Ottoman


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Product Description


The Fjords Regent Recliner and Ottoman provide a supportive and comfortable experience. This ergonomic Norwegian design separates the footrest from the recliner to increase adjustability. This design allows the user to position the footrest in a way that supports the legs properly and increases back support. The chair reclines effortlessly by gently pushing your body weight backwards. A tension knob allows you to adjust the tension of the recline. The headrest adjusts manually by pulling the top of the chair forward or backward. High quality leather enhances the comfort of the chair and creates a beautiful, long-lasting recliner. Choose from a variety of leathers.

More options are available in addition to those shown. Please contact us for more information.

Leather Information

Astro Line Leather has a soft, thick and supple feel in the hand. This semi-analine leather has a subtle, natural pebble texture and very little sheen when new.  Compared to pure aniline leather, semi-aniline leathers offer improved resistance to spills and environmental factors. Some surface pigments have been applied to the natural leather to even out tones, mask blemishes and make it more resistant to liquids. Astro Line leather is slightly thicker than other leather options while still maintaining a natural softness and excellent resistance to wear and tear.


30″W x 31.5″D x 40.5″H
Seat Height: 18″
Seat Depth: 19″

32.5″W x 32.5″D x 41″H
Seat Height: 18″
Seat Depth: 20″

19.5″W x 18.5″D x 17″H

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