Fatboy Headdemock Deluxe Hammock


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Product Description


Climb right into this modern and fun hammock. The Fatboy Headdemock Deluxe will make you feel like you have so much nothing to do. Whether you’re sipping cocktails in the sunny shade or trying to get some shut-eye in the sun, it just makes you float like a feather. You can even share it with someone else and just imagine that you are lying between two palm trees. In reality, you are suspended by a black, sturdy metal frame.

We recommend keeping Headdemock covered when not in use to minimize constant exposure to water or sunlight. Fading is possible when left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. An optional cover can be purchased to protect your Headdemock from the sun and rain.


110″L x 55″W

Weight Capacity
330 lbs.

Weather Resistant or Weatherproof: Dirt and moisture repellant. Will withstand a rain fall, but water can penetrate through the seams. It is not recommended to leave outside for a long period of time and/or to expose to water or sun on a consistent basis. Permanent exposure to light and sun may fade color. We recommend keeping it under a covered area when not being used.

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