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Young at Heart: Petit Collage Prints

Young at Heart: Petit Collage Prints
Krista  |  08.19.10  |  Accessories, Gift Giving

With my upcoming birthday- now that I feel I no longer have any special numbers to look forward to- I find myself embracing things that are no longer considered age appropriate.  In a sense, I am now free to choose my mental age.  I am as old as I feel, and am falling in love with this whimsical new brand that has recently popped into our Gift Shop.

With growth charts, mobiles, and kid-friendly, shatterproof acrylic in place of glass in framed prints, Petit Collage may be geared toward the smaller customer, but can be enjoyed by any age.  With the perfect combination of vintage modern, playful illustration, and colorful collage, these prints are simply endearing.

Each collage is a limited edition of 50.  Within each of the 50 pieces there are slight variations in color and vintage paper used, so each work of art is truly unique.  The prints are on maple veneer in hardwood maple frames with a no-VOC finish.  Made in San Francisco, each detail has been carefully thought out.  It’s always a pleasure to find out that the products you love are being consciously and sustainably produced.  As I grow older, I’m growing wiser: there’s my glass-half-full approach to my upcoming birthday!  Happy shopping!

To see more Petit Collage available on our website:

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