The More the Merrier Candelabra

Designed by Louise Campbell


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Product Description


Spice up your tabletop with The More the Merrier Candelabra. This crystal inspired candelabra can be constructed in infinite ways. How many different shapes can you create with six candle holders and seven connectors? Too many for us to count. Everything about this design is smart. It is sturdy, elegant, and unexpected. Just opening the box and pulling out the first piece is an experience to the senses.

The exterior of each candle holder is rubber, so not only is it a softer (non-scratching) surface to put on your dining table, but it is also a pleasant matte black finish for the eyes. In contrast, the interior of each candle holder is a hard-wearing steel that serves the dual purpose of keeping the candles in place and ensuring that the part of the candelabra in contact with the waxy candles is easy-to-clean.

About the Designer

Louise Campbell has been a key driving force behind the new strong movement in Scandinavian design and has been awarded designer of the year in Denmark. She is also a leading figure in the design debate and holds several honorary positions in the design community.



Contains 6 candle holders and 7 connectors that can be assembled any way you want (and changed for each occasion if you like)

Technical Rubber and Steel

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