Stressless James Chair & Ottoman

Made in Norway


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Product Description

The Stressless You Collection has all of the comfort you have come to expect from Stressless with a fresh, new look that is perfect for modern and contemporary interiors. An innovative 4-leg base design is made of polished aluminum and has sleek, modern lines. A variety of rich leather and fabric options allow you to design your own chair to fit your personal style.

Stressless Recliners use a unique patented Glide System, which follows your body‘s movement to provide perfect support and comfort. Simply lean back and the chair will respond to your body. The headrest supports your head and shoulders for easy reading or TV viewing. If you start to feel drowsy, easily engage the sleep function to fully relax in your Stressless recliner. The headrest features a height adjustable neck cushion, allowing you to maximize support and comfort. An angled ottoman allows your legs to maintain a bed at the knee, which takes pressure off of your legs and back. Made in Norway using the highest quality materials and construction techniques, Stressless YOU chairs will stand the test of time.


Chair: 30.25″W x 30.25″D x 43.25″H
Seat Height: 17″
Ottoman: 21.25″W x 13.75″D x 16.75″H

Leather Options*
Batick Leather
is a corrected, pigment improved and grain embossed leather, which has had most of its natural markings removed. Batick is resistant to fading, although changes in color will occur over time due to use and exposure to light. A protective layer of lacquer simplifies cleaning. Simple cleaning, excellent durability and a reasonable price make Batick a good choice. Batick is a top grain, deep dyed leather.

Cori Leather is a corrected, pigment improved and grain embossed leather. Cori is somewhat thicker and has a larger pebbled grain than Batick. Most of its natural markings are removed. Also, some of the Cori colors have a two-tone color effect to liven up the surface. A protective layer of lacquer simplifies cleaning. Cori is a wise choice if you want leather with excellent durability.

*Please note that denim clothing and jeans may leave color on the leather, which is difficult to remove without damaging the leather. Light leather colors, in particular, are vulnerable to such color contamination.


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