Stressless Leather Care Kit

For care of Stressless leather products.


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Product Description

This easy-to-use leather care kit by Stressless will help to preserve your leather furniture through years of use. This kit contains a bottle of leather cleaner and a bottle of leather protection cream. A sponge and white cloth are included for application. The 2 step process ensures that your leather is clean before applying a layer of conditioner that will moisturize the leather and add a layer of protection. To nurture and protect your new leather from stains, the protection cream should be applied to all leather surfaces when your recliner is new. It is recommended that you clean and condition your leather at least every 6 months. Always apply protection cream after cleaning.

We recommend testing the product in a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure the product does not change the look of your leather in an undesirable way.

A Simple 2-Step Process

Stressless Leather Cleaner (Step 1)

The Stressless Leather Cleaner is a mild, water-based cleaner that can be used on all pure anilin and pigmented leathers. It removes soil and most water-based stains.

Instructions for Use: Shake bottle well before use. Pour a small amount of the cleaner onto the soft sponge provided. Squeeze several times to form a lather. Work the foam into the leather using a light circular motion. When the sponge gets dirty, rinse in out in clean water. Remove the excess foam and dirt suing a soft, white cotton cloth.

Stressless Leather Protection (Step 2)

The Stressless Leather Protection is a water-based product suitable for all types of leather except suede and nubuck. It protects against oil, water and alcohol stains as well as everyday dirt and grime. It also helps keep your leather soft and prevents cracking.

Instructions for Use: Wait 30 minutes after applying cleaner for drying. Shake bottle well. Pour a small amount of the protection fluid onto a soft, clean cloth and apply evenly to the surface of the leather using a circular motion. Repeat on areas that receive a lot of contact, such as the armrests, seat and headrest. Leave about 30 minutes to dry. Buff the leather lightly using a clean, soft cloth.



3.5 oz. (100 ml) bottle of Leather Cleaner
3.5 oz. (100 ml) bottle of Leather Protection
Instruction Booklet

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