Stelton Collar Espresso Maker


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Product Description

The Stelton Collar Espresso Maker is a classic Italian stove-top espresso maker. It’s a joy to look at and easy to use. Put water in the bottom compartment, pour your favorite coarse ground espresso in the middle, and then heat the maker over a gas stove. The espresso will rise to the top. It’s simple and oh-so satisfying. The Stelton Collar Espresso Maker is stainless steel coated with black Teflon®. The rubber wood handle facilitates easy pouring.

Italian Craftsmanship; Danish Aesthetics

Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, with their respect for both fine coffee and Danish aesthetics, designed this well functioning and visually pleasing espresso maker.

Capacity and Care

The Stelton Collar Espresso Maker’s capacity is .25 liter, a sip more than an 8 ounce cup. It is not suitable for an induction stove-top, and should be hand-washed.


Teflon coated stainless steel, rubber wood

Height: 6.7″
Width: 7.7″
Diameter: 4.3″
Volume: 8.5 ounces

Hand wash

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