Split Dining Table

Designed by Staffan Holm


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Product Description


This table is so refreshing. On one hand, in the light wood with it’s minimal form, the Split Table appears almost airy. The gentle curve in the leg is feminine and unexpected. On the other hand, it is structurally sound, almost in an architectural sense, and with the designer’s choice of using solid wood rather than some other material, the Split table exudes a sense of sturdiness and reliability. This pleasant confusion of whether to call this table delicate or solid is what makes this design so wonderful.

About the Designer

Staffan Holm is a Swedish designer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, working with interior architecture, industrial design and furniture design. His work has a strong focus on quality and craftsmanship combined with a human aspect. His designs have recently won several prestigious design awards around Scandinavia.


35.5″W x 86.5″L x 28.75″H

Solid Oak

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