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Product Description

Skovby White Wood Soap is used for maintaining soap treated furniture. It contains white pigment, which will make you furniture appear whiter and lighter in color. With a little effort, this easy-to-use product will keep your furniture looking spectacular for years. Soaped finishes are rare in the United States, but they are much more common in Scandinavian countries. A soaped finish maintains the natural appearance, feel and characteristics of the wood. The White Wood Soap will help your wood maintain a light, Scandinavian look. The soap finish provides some protection from dirt and moisture. However, smudges and scuffs are likely to happen. The Wood Soap by the Skovby Care Collection will help to protect and maintain your furniture.

Your soaped Skovby furniture arrives with a soaped finish from the factory in Denmark. However, it is recommended that you apply an additional coat using this product to add extra protection to your wood. This will help to repel dirt and moisture. You can then reapply this product 2-3 times per year or when needed. If you would like to maintain the light finish of your wood, it is recommended you use the Skovby Wood Soap in Neutral for some applications. Then use this Wood Soap with White Pigment every third application.

How to Apply Wood Soap

Shake before use. Apply an even layer of Skovby Wood Soap all over the item and rub it in gently with a clean, uncolored cloth/sponge. Always work along the grain of the wood. The end grain of the wood (edges of a table, for example) can absorb a lot of moisture, so be sure to only wipe these areas once. Leave the layer of wood soap on the wood for about 2-3 minutes. Then use a clean, dry cloth to remove the excess soap solution. Buff to a smooth finish.

When soap-treating a tabletop, both sides should be treated with soap. If, after treatment, soap residues are found on the wood, they should be removed with a moist cloth.

Should the treatment cause the wood to rise and become a little rough to the touch, you can lightly sand along the grain of the wood using a soft sanding sponge (220 grit). Then wipe the surface. Do not use steel wool. Excessive use of soap may darken the wood.

Regular Maintenance of Soaped Wood

For regular cleaning of soaped wood, wipe with a clean, dry cloth or a cloth well wrung out in lukewarm water, preferably in a soap suds solution. Do not use dish washing liquid or soft soap.


500 ML/ 16.9 fl. oz.


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