Skovby SM 236 Height Adjustable Table

From cocktail table to dining table in 10 seconds.


Ships in 12-16 weeks.

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Product Description


This ingenious table by Skovby allows complete flexibility. With a touch of a button, the electric Skovby 236 Height Adjustable Table goes from an oval coffee table to a small dining table. The table has a rechargable battery, so there will be no power cord running across the floor. When you touch the hidden button under the table top, your guests will be shocked. This unique table is perfect for small spaces, such as apartments, condos or small homes. It also works well in multi-purpose spaces where you want to go from visiting to having a meal or playing cards. Choose from a huge variety of wood finishes. Plate on the base of the table is stainless steel. Made in Denmark.


53″L x 30.5″D x 19-28″H

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