Outdoor Teak Oil

Teak Oil for Outdoor Furniture


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Product Description

Outdoor Teak Oil from Denmark. This protective oil is especially made of the treatment and maintenance of outdoor wooden surfaces, such as garden furniture, porches, and oil-finished building structures.

The oil is suitable for all types of wood, from exotic woods like teak, merbau, mahogany to pine, beech and oak. The oil penetrates the surface, seals it, and provides lasting protection against drying out, moisture, dirt, fungi and rot. The natural color and structure of the wood will be amplified.


Apply the oil with a brush or cloth in a gernerous and even layer. Very absorbent surfaces should be treated several times until the surfaced is saturated. Wipe off excess oil after 1 hour.

1 Liter

Coverage: 8-12 sq. meters pr. liter
Drying time: about 24 hours

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