Nook Pebble Lite Crib Mattress

Breathable & Non-toxic with an Organic Cotton Wrap

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Product Description

The innovative Nook Pebble Lite Crib Mattress provides a safe, breathable sleep space for your little one. Nook presents the world’s most considered infant mattress, made lighter. The Pebble Lite Mattress is 9 pounds lighter than the Pebble Pure Mattress. The certified non-toxic form core provides support while the superior softness of the 100% organic Pebble Wrap cover provides total comfort. A double-sided crib mattress design ensures a firm and breathable sleep space for infants. Flip the Pebble Lite over for a plush, yet equally breathable toddler mattress.

What’s Inside the Pebble Lite Mattress

The core of this non-toxic crib mattress is made of breathable, sustainable man-made materials. A 2″ foam layer is made of CertiPUR-US® foam, one of the safest and healthiest options available. 2″ of of PETE air spacers are BPA free and completely non-toxic. It provides firm support and amazing air flow. The 4″ thick core is wrapped in non-toxic Freudenberg fire barrier for safety. This fire barrier uses cotton rather than toxic fire retardant sprays to meet fire safety standards.

The Pebble Wrap

The Pebble Wrap cover is 100% organic. It is also machine-washable, breathable and soft. The Pebble Wrap is made from cotton and eucalyptus. Infused with zinc, it is resistant to microbes, mites, mold, fungus and allergens. This cozy cover is immersed in a NanoSphere® bath to make it liquid- and stain-resistant. Machine washable.

We recommend purchasing an additional Pebble Wrap so you have an extra available while one is in the wash. You can use a fitted sheet over the cover. However, it is recommended you put your baby to sleep directly on the Pebble Wrap.


28″ x 53″ x 4″

16 lbs.

Cover Materials: Eucalyptus, Organic Cotton, Zinc, Polyester, Easy-Close Nylon Zipper
Core Materials: Non-toxic Foam Core, PETE

Machine wash cover in cold water with a mild tumble dry. Do not use fabric softener or chlorine bleach. We recommend the use of a top sheet to prolong the life of your Pebble.

Removable Cover
Machine Washable
Breathable Cover
Air Circulation Layers
Temperature Regulating
Textured Surface
Tencel Eucalyptus Fibers
Non-toxic/Non-Chemical Fire Barrier
Stain Resistant
US Certified Non-toxic foam

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