Naver AK 2740 Cabinet


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Product Description

Our new cabinet series from architects Nissen & Gehl is designed with a refined ease in the best materials. A combination of wood, brushed steel, white Corian® and tambour doors gives the cabinets a distinctive design language. Inside, the cabinets are fitted with 2 massive wooden drawers with visible finger joints, demonstrating the solid craftsmanship, and adjustable glass shelves, so the interior of the cabinet can be customized as needed. The bar cabinet comes with a Corian® insert for wine bottles. The decorative legs in brushed steel adds a lightness and elegance to the furniture, that makes it easy to place in the home. The cabinet series is designed in a size and with an interior that provides a multitude of uses, whatever it is in the kitchen, living room, office or even in the bedroom. The cabinet series completes the uniqueness of Naver Collection of crafts traditions over decades.



15.75″D x 36.2″W x 48.4″H



Wood and Steel

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