Mystique Bordered Rug

Wool Rug

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Product Description

This line of hand crafted 100% wool rugs will add warmth and personality to your home. This plush pile rugs are hand loomed and sure to look beautiful in your rug for years to come.  Many sizes available.

M-299 Ruby – Color (Pantone TPX): Ruby (19-1761), Brick (19-1557)
M-308 Cobalt – Color (Pantone TPX): Cobalt (19-4039), Cobalt (19-4044)
M-309 Navy – Color (Pantone TPX): Navy (19-4110), Navy (19-4010)
M-347 Charcoal – Color (Pantone TPX): Dark Forest (19-0303), Charcoal (19-3803)
M-348 Ivory – Color (Pantone TPX): Ivory (11-0606), Ash Gray (13-0607)
M-349 Plum – Color (Pantone TPX): Plum (19-3518), Plum (19-3218)


Available Sizes
Custom Sizes Available

Made in India

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