Magniflex Uno Smart Adjustable Bed Base


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Product Description


The Uno Smart adjustable base created by Magniflex is a product of German engineering that has been designed to provide our customers with the highest level of well-being. Free standing on adjustable legs, with a sleek and elegant look. Mechanism enables ability to separately adjust the height of the head and legs.

This base can be used with all Magniflex Mattresses, OMI Organic Mattresses and other mattresses as well. Check with the manufacturer to ensure your mattress is compatible with an adjustable base.

Uno Smart Adjustable Bed Features

The Uno Prima Adjustable Bed Base features tubular steel construction and a heavy duty motor. With an 800 pound weight limit and a 20 year warranty, you can use this bed with little worry.

Features wireless control and Bluetooth support

Uno Smart Adjustments

Adjustments include head up/down, foot up/down and all up/down. Simply use the remote to move the bed into the ideal position. The headrest raises up to 68 degrees and the footrest can be raised to 38 degrees.

For additional adjustment and feature options, see the Uno Plus and Uno Deluxe Adjustable Beds.




Head raises to 68 degrees
Foot raises to 38 degrees
Heavy lift motor with 800 pound weight limit
Tubular steel construction
Emergency power down
Power surge protection
Adjustable headboard brackets included
(6) 4.5″ High legs

6-Button Movement
Head up/down
Foot up/down
All up/down

20 year limited warranty
3-year parts and in-home service
20-year mechanical parts replacement