Louis Poulsen Cirque Pendant Light

Designed by Clara von Zweigbergk


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Product Description

Louis Poulsen

Dreamy and playful, the Cirque is a great addition to every modern home. The idea for the Cirque Pendant began at the Tivoli Gardens in Denmark. The Cirque plays with colors and forms inspired by balloons, carousels, colors, and light. The bands of color are a nod to the experience of colors in circular motions where they are often perceived as continuous lines. The shape is inspired by the well-known onion shaped domes on several of the buildings in the Tivoli Gardens. A white lacquered inner reflector provides a glare-free, downward light.


Small: 5.9″W x 7.4″H
Medium: 9″W x 11.5″H
Large: 15″W x 18.8″H

Wet painted drawn aluminum

Additional Information
Canopy: White
Cord type: 3-conductor
18 AWG white PVC power cord
Cord length: 12’

Light Source:
Small: 1/25W/A-19/IF Medium
Medium: 1/60W/A-19/IF Medium
Large: 1/100W/A-19/IF Medium


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