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Product Description


Our Adirondack Chair from Loll is not only comfortable and stylish, it is eco-friendly! Loll products are made out of recycled plastic, such as old milk jugs and margarine tubs. The Adirondack chairs are made out of the equivalent of 400 milk jugs! This material is not only green, it is sturdy and solid and it holds up to the weather all year long, even in Wisconsin.

Loll’s Adirondack chair is made in two sizes with two different back designs, flat and curved. Choose from a variety of vibrant and rich colors that won’t fade. This chair even has a bottle opener build in under the arm of the chair! A rocking version of this chair is also available. Loll outdoor furniture is made in Minnesota. Some assembly required.


37″D x 35.25″H
Arm Height: 21.5″
Seat Height: 13.5″
Seat Depth: 19″

37.75″ D x 37.25″H
Arm Height: 23.5″
Seat Height: 15.5″
Seat Depth: 19″

Loll products are made with 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) primarily from milk jugs (#2 plastics) that you take out to the curb every week. Milk jugs are used due to their lack of pigment so Loll’s vibrant colors can be created. As Loll material is a post-consumer recycled material, the medium to create the material does inevitably fluctuate. Although we do continuously strive for the best consistency possible, material color and texture may slightly vary from sheet to sheet and thus product to product.

Loll furniture will not warp, rot, require paint or stain or any ongoing maintenance to keep its bea-u-tiful appearance. It is a good idea to occasionally inspect the furniture fastening to ensure bolts are not loosening. Daily expansion and contraction caused by heating and cooling can occasionally loosen hardware.

Mostly you will find a simple hose-off will do the trick. If there is a little more dirt, a simple wet rag and natural spray cleaner should be sufficient to keep Loll furniture clean. Microfiber towels work great! If there is dirt embedded in the texture, you can do well with a mild soap and water and a stiff but gentle bristled brush. You can power wash your furniture if you like that sort of thing.

UV & Fading
Is there ultraviolet (UV) stability in Loll material?
Yes. Loll products are manufactured with a highly weatherable HDPE sheet. Our post consumer resin includes a superior UV additive designed for plastics that improves exterior durability, greatly reducing characteristic surface degradation caused by sunlight and other UV light sources. Pigments / color concentrates are also added that are formulated with the best weathering pigments available in the market in a particular color-space.

Is fading covered under warranty?
No. The sun is very hard on materials that have constant direct exposure and we cannot guarantee the material color will not change over time. However, the HDPE that Loll uses has a UV stabilizer and is very resistant to fading. The color is not a finish coat; it is a pigment embedded in the material throughout. Some pieces use Richlite natural paper composite. Richlite will patina as it weathers and the lighter, natural colored material will redden or turn grayish. Black will remain black for years but with some apparent weathering. You will never have to paint or stain Loll Furniture.

Will I see any change of color in my product?
The good news is that in most applications probably not. Further, darker colors are naturally much more resistant to change than lighter colors.

When products are placed in full direct sun, testing has shown NO significant change of color over time for:

  • Black
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Cloud White
  • Evergreen
  • Sky Blue

Testing has shown INCREASED change of color over time for:

  • Apple Red
  • Sunset Orange
  • Leaf Green
  • Sand

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