J.L. Moller 79 Dining Chair, Set of 2

JL Moller Dining Chair


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Product Description

These beautiful Scandinavian chairs can be ordered in teak, walnut, or oak, with traditional Danish paper cord seats or upholstery. These chairs were designed by Niels Otto Møller in 1966 and have been made by the legendary J.L. Moller ever since. The underlying strength of J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik is its proud tradition of classic craftsmanship. No compromising! Anything second-best has to go – because only the best is good enough. This principle applies all down the line, from the selection of the raw wood to the finished item of furniture. J.L. Moller furniture is assembled in their Danish factory, where their skilled artisans are trained in the cabinetmaker’s art. Beautiful, well-made and timeless.


Width: 19.7″
Depth: 19.7″
Height: 30.7″
Seat height: 17.3″
Seat depth: 16.9″

Solid Teak, Walnut, or Oak

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