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Product Description


Transform your standard desk into a height adjustable workstation! The innovative Quickstand Lite by Humanscale easily attached to your desk to provide you with the option to sit or stand while working. This solution is ideal for home offices and businesses. It can accommodate both single or dual monitors.

A counterbalance mechanism allows you to easily move your monitor and keyboard platform to any position you would like, simply by grabbing and pulling the Quickstand to your desired location. The Quickstand Lite has 20″ of total height adjustments and 5.5″ of vertical monitor adjustment. The adjustable arm also allows for side to side movement.

This smart sit-stand solution doesn’t take up desk space and is great for temporary or permanent workstations. With options for both grommet and clamp base mounts, the unit is easily installed and removed on almost any desk.


20″ of total height range
5.5″ of vertical monitor height adjustments

*See image gallery for more detailed dimension information.

Size & Weight Limitations
Standard single monitor amount accommodates monitors that weigh up to 11 lbs.
Heavy Monitor Mount for single monitors accommodates monitors that weigh 12-22 lbs.
Standard Crossbar Mount for 2 monitors accommodates monitors up to 24″ wide each and 22 lbs. combined weight
Wide Crossbar Mount for 2 monitors accommodates monitors up to 27″ wide each and 22 lbs. combined weight



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