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Product Description


The Freedom Headrest Chair by Humanscale offers ergonomics and intuitive adjustments that will make spending hours at your desk far more enjoyable, featuring a full body ergonomic design with minimal and simple adjustments. The chair’s tension automatically adjusts based on your body weight and moves freely, preventing you from being stuck in one position throughout the day. A height adjustable headrest moves automatically when you recline, providing head and neck support in all positions.

This chair as available through the Quickship program comes with adjustable duron arms, a graphite base, a standard seat pan and 5″ adjustable seat height, 3″ casters for carpet, a standard foam seat and base, and is available in Corde 4 Black fabric. For chair variations, please see our Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest page.

The back of the chair automatically tilts to your sitting position and is height adjustable, allowing you to get the best lumbar support. The seat depth adjusts by simply pressing a button under the seat and sliding forward or back. The seat height is also adjustable. The headrest is height adjustable (5″ vertical range): simply slide the headrest up or down.

Seat Options
The standard cushions for this chair are made of supportive high density foam that will keep you comfortable, while the adjustable duron armrests are smooth, comfortable, and height adujustable. The arms are synchronous, which means they move together and will stay at the same level at all times. The arms also adjust below thigh level for times when you want the arms out of your way.

Environmental Information
This adjustable office chair is from a company that is committed to reducing its environmental impact. Recycled and/or recyclable materials account for approximately 85% (by weight) of all materials in eco-friendly Humanscale products, and their packaging contains at least 40% recycled content.


Seat Depth: 16.25″– 18.5″

Seat Height:
16″– 21″ standard

Seat Width: 21″
Chair Width: 27.25″

43″ – 53″ standard

Headrest Height Adjustment Range: 5″
Base Diameter: 25″
Backrest Width: 21″

15 years on frame, 5 years on foam, 300 pound weight limit

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What is the weight limit for this chair?

300 pounds