Hide Bracer Leather Conditioner & Cleaner

For the Care of Fine Leathers


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Product Description

Hide Bracer Leather Conditioner & Cleaner cleans and conditions your leather in one easy step. It protects your leather with a barrier against dirt and spills. It also guards against ultraviolet fading while helping to prevent leathers from drying and cracking. Hide Bracer maintains the natural “hand” of fine leathers while repelling dirt and grime. It is free of silicone and other chemical ingredients that break down the natural oils in the leather.

With a creamy, lotion-like consistency, the Hide Bracer is easily applied to your furniture with a soft cotton cloth or towel. Simply gently massage the leather conditioner into the surface of the leather. If the leather is dirty, you will immediately see a difference! (See Specifications for more care information.)

This high quality leather conditioner can be used on all top coated and aniline leathers, and it’s safe for any color leather. This product can help remove scratches from oiled or pull-up waxed leathers. Hide Bracer is safe to use on the majority of our leather pieces, and we are only a phone call away for all your leather care questions.

Made in the USA.

Do not use on fibrous leathers (suede or nubuck). Do not leave Hide Bracer on leather surface area wet and left to dry. Use application cloth to remove any excess conditioner and buff area dry.


8 Fl. Oz.

Recommended Application
With normal usage of leather, apply as often as needed or 4 times a year. Dry climates may require more applications.

Shake well. Condition one area at a time. Massage thoroughly onto the leather are with a soft white clean cloth allowing the Hide Bracer to penetrate evenly. Use same cloth to remove any excess conditioner and buff to a soft luster.

Hide Bracer should be used on the entire piece of leather to ensure a consistent look. When used regularly, Hide Bracer will keep leathers looking new for many years.

Made in USA.

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