HermanMiller® Aeron® Work Stool in Graphite

Designed by Bill Stumpf & Don Chadwick in 1994

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Product Description

Herman Miller

Well known for its outstanding ergonomics and distinctive design, the Aeron® chair adapts naturally to provide a comfortable work chair all day long. , the Aeron chair is produced by Herman Miller and continues to possibly be the most widely recognized office chair design.

The Work Stool adaptation of the Aeron allows you to benefit from all of the Aeron features, but sit at higher surfaces while working comfortably. The Aeron Work Stool is specifically designed to reduce pressure and conform to the body to create maximum comfort. Two height options and adjustable height footrings allow for maximum customization. The tall contoured back relieves pressure on the lower spine. Wide sloped and soft armrests, along with a waterfall edge seat, helps to further reduce uncomfortable pressure and increase circulation. The unique Pellicle® suspension system is strong, form-fitting and breathable, preventing the body from overheating.

Standard features included on all Aeron Work Stools are a height adjustment lever and a tension knob. The tension knob allows you to control how easily the chair moves into a reclined position. Standard armpads are durable cushioned vinyl.


Tilt Adjustments
Choose an option that is as simple or as adjustable as you would like. The standard tilt allows you to recline in your chair. The standard tilt does not offer any controls for the tilt function. The tilt limiter is a lever that allows you to set the angle where your chair will stop reclining. This means you can also prevent your chair from reclining when the tilt limiter is set in the most upright position. The seat angle adjustment allows you to move the seat of the chair into a forward tilting position. This slight forward angle can be beneficial for those who like to sit upright or lean forward while working.

Fixed arms
are stationary. Fully adjustable arms pivot from side to side while also having the height adjustment feature.

Back Support
The revolutionary PostureFit® “supports the way your pelvis tilts naturally forward, so that your spine stays aligned and you avoid back pain”. The level of pressure provided by PostureFit is adjusted easily with the turn of a knob. Adjustable Lumbar offers an alternative back support option. It is height adjustable and provides two levels of pressure. Simply flip the pad to the thinner or thicker side to find the most comfortable support.

Pellicle Fabric
Several fabric options are available so you can design your Aeron Chair to fit your personal preferences and interior. All Pellicle options will provide the same exceptional support and performance.

Carpet castors
are made of hard black plastic and are ideal for thin carpeted surfaces. Hard floor or carpet castors are made from a black rubberized material that glides more smoothly and quietly on hard surfaces. Braking castors will prevent the chair from rolling when the user sits in the chair. Glides feature a flat bottom – they are not wheels and they do not roll. They do move fairly easily across flat surfaces.


Low Stool*
27″W x 17″D x 52.25″ max height
Seat Height: 24.5 – 29″
Distance Between Seat & Footring: 15 – 17.5″

High Stool*
27″W x 17″D x 57.25″ max height
Seat Height: 27.5 – 34″
Distance Between Seat & Footring: 15″ – 20.5″

*The Aeron Stool seat & back is a Size B (medium). This is the only size the Aeron Work Stool is available in.

12 year warranty

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