Herman Miller® Mirra® 2 Chair, Butterfly Back


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Product Description

Herman Miller

The Mirra 2 by Herman Miller® is a new and improved version of the original Mirra Chair. The Mirra 2 features and more flexible TriFlex® polymer back with an upholstered front, offering superior comfort and support. The Mirra 2 responds to the movement of your body, providing flexibility and support simultaneously. The Mirra 2 is a sleeker and lighter design, with 25% less materials used to make the chair than the previous Mirra. Improvements have been made to the seat depth adjustment and the butterfly back design. Choose from a large range of adjustment options and finish options.

Every chair includes a height adjustment lever and a tension knob. The tension knob turns to allow the user to adjust the tension of the recline. When the tension is increased, the level of resistance increases when the user leans back in the chair.


Mirra 2 Chair Options & Adjustments

Standard Tilt vs. Tilt Limiter: The Standard Tilt allows the chair to recline freely. The Tilt Limiter allows the user to select an angle where the chair will stop reclining backwards. This allows the user to lock the chair in an upright position so the chair will not recline backwards. Or, a semi-reclined position can be selected for someone who likes to lean back when working in the chair.

Fixed Seat Depth vs. Adjustable Seat Depth: The fixed seat is 16.25″ deep with no option to change the depth of the seat. The adjustable seat depth can be adjusted easily by squeezing a bar underneath the front of the seat and rolling the seat in or out. This allows the user to extend the seat depth from 16.25″ to 18″.

Fixed Arms vs. Adjustable Arms: Fixed arms do not move. Adjustable arms move up and down, with a 5″ height range. They also move horizontally and front to back. This allows the user to find an arm placement that is comfortable for his or her body type and work style. The adjustable arms also pivot 20 degrees inward and outward.

Seat Angle Adjustment: The seat angle adjustment allows the user the option to tilt the seat forward by 5 degrees. This forward leaning position is ideal for workers that prefer to lean forward for tasks such as typing, reading and writing.

Adjustable Lumbar: The adjustable lumbar support can be adjusted 4″ in height and 1″ in depth. The adjustable lumbar allows the user to have increased support in their lumbar region where it’s often needed the most.

Castor Options: The standard carpet castor is a 2″ hard plastic castor that is appropriate for use on carpet. The hard floors or carpet castor is 2″ and looks the same as the standard carpet castor. However, it is made of a softer, more rubbery material that moves better on hard floors. This castor can be used on carpet or hard floors.

The Mirra 2 Chair is made of 46% recycled content and is 93% recyclable at the end of its usable life. The Mirra 2 is MBDC Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified and GREENGUARD Certified.


30″ W | 18.5″ D | 38.75″ – 42.75″ H
Seat Height: 16″ – 20.5″
Fixed Seat Depth: 16.25″ / FlexFront® Adjustable Seat Depth: 16.25″ – 18″
Arms: Adjust 5″ vertically, 1″ horizontally, 2″ front to back and pivot 20 degrees outward and inward
Back Support: Adjustable 4″ in height and 1″ in depth

Tested and warranted for use by persons 350 pounds and under

12 Years

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