Hastens Superia II Bed

Frame Style Bed.
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Product Description

Hastens Beds

As the name suggests, the Hästens Superia II is a frame bed that is superior to the rest. The Superia II contains Hästens’ double patented spring systems. Just like any other component in a Hästens bed, the springs are a science in themselves, and are one of the most important parts of your bed. The springiness, durability and “softness” of the springs are key factors when it comes to how well you sleep at night and, in turn, how good you feel during the day. The newly-developed spring systems, combined with our comfortable natural materials, mean you can enjoy a bed that is even more exclusive, flexible and pressure-relieving than before. Quite simply, the Hästens Superia II offers a sleeping experience on a whole new level.

A BED FOR LIFE The external difference compared with other Hästens frame beds is the Superia II’s obvious extra height. The Superia II is 37 cm high without legs, and with standard legs it is 53 cm high. The extra high construction, combined with Hästens’ patented Deltabonell and Hästens’ patented spring systems, makes the Superia II a supremely comfortable bed. The superb craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail is evident wherever you look on your Hästens bed: the well constructed bed frame, the sturdy, precise stitching of the fabric, the flexible stretch fabric on the top with the Hästens emblem woven in – details that work together to create a bed for life. Thanks to the exclusive manufacturing process and the high quality materials, you get a bed that suits your body perfectly. However much you move around during the night, you’ll still sleep comfortably.


We give a 25 year written warranty against spring and frame breakage from delivery date, but like other Hästens beds, the Excel II is meant to last for at least 30 years.

Hastens Beds are called beds rather than mattresses because your choice of legs is included with your Hastens; making it a freestanding bed. Variety of legs available.

Different firmnesses available: soft, medium, firm

Construction with a BJX Luxury Top Mattress:
Top Mattress –
1. 100% Cotton Upholstery
2. Cotton/wool
3. Genuine horsehair
4. Cotton/wool
5. Genuine horsehair
6. Cotton/wool
7. Upholstery (100% cotton)

Frame Bed –
8. 100% Cotton Upholstery
9. Cotton/wool
10. Genuine horsehair
11. Cotton/wool
12. Patented spring system, 5.9″ high with firmer edge springs and flax corner padding
13. Flax
14. Hästens Deltabonell system, 5.1″ high
15. Flax
16. 6.6″ high, reinforced wood frame of solid pine. Cotton lining that prevents dust from entering the bed from below and makes the underside of the bed easy to vacuum.

Handmade in Sweden from all natural materials.

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