Hastens Marquis Bed

Frame Style Bed.
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Product Description

Hastens Beds

The comfortable Marquis is a completely natural bed. All Hästens beds have been built for generations according to the same philosophy. Only nature’s finest materials and our own well proven craftsmanship are used in the manufacturing process. Hästens’ unique double patented spring systems give the Hästens Marquis wonderful flexibility and relieve pressure on the body by allowing it to sink deeper into the bed, while the springs hold and support the entire length of your body.

Natural materials have many advantages – including the ability to follow and relieve pressure from the body while at the same time allowing air to circulate as you sleep. Genuine horsehair stuffing is one of the springiest and most elastic stuffing materials available, keeping your body at an ideal temperature. Wool works as the bed’s natural climate control unit. Since wool has the amazing ability to both warm and cool, you always stay at the right temperature. Cotton also has many fine qualities. You have probably noticed how much cooler you feel on a warm summer’s day when wearing a shirt or blouse made of cotton rather than one made from a synthetic material. This is due to cotton’s excellent ability to ventilate. In the right bed, you will get a dry, comfortable night’s sleep.

The Hästens Marquis contains cotton, wool and flax – all natural materials. Just like you. That’s why they feel comfortable against the body. From the day we made our very first mattress, natural materials have always been an obvious choice for us. And all the natural materials used in a Hästens bed are naturally biodegradable. The bed can be recycled or safely returned to nature’s own natural cycle. Natural lasts longest!


We give a 25 year written warranty against spring and frame breakage from delivery date, but like other Hästens beds, the Excel II is meant to last for at least 30 years.

Hastens Beds are called beds rather than mattresses because your choice of legs is included with your Hastens; making it a freestanding bed. Variety of legs available.

Different firmnesses available: soft, medium, firm

Construction with a BJX Luxury Top Mattress:
Top Mattress –
1. 100% Cotton Upholstery
2. Cotton/Wool
3. Genuine horsehair
4. Cotton/Wool
5. Genuine horsehair
6. Cotton/wool
7. 100% Cotton Upholstery

Frame Bed –
8. 100% Cotton Upholstery
9. Cotton/wool
10. Genuine horsehair
11. Cotton/wool
12. Patented spring system, 5.1″ high with firmer edge springs and flax corner padding
13. Flax
14. Hästens Deltabonell system, 2.6″ high
15. Flax
16. 3.6″ high, reinforced wood frame of solid pine. Cotton lining that prevents dust from entering the bed from below and makes the underside of the bed easy to vacuum.

Handmade in Sweden from all natural materials.

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