Gubi Pedrera Coffee Table


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Product Description


The Pedrera Coffee Table is designed in 1955 by Barba Corsini for the loft space at the famous landmark, La Pedrera in Barcelona. The coffee table is with its slender base and glass table top, a light table that fits into any contemporary home. The inspiration for the base of the table came from the vaulted ceilings of La Pedrera, which goes again in the Pedrera lamps, thus being characteristics for both the collection.



41.75″W x 34″D x 15″H


Product Net Weight Kg: 16.0

Design: Pedrera

Gross Weight Kg: 19.0

Gross Height Meter: 0.47

Gross Length Meter: 1.47

Gross Depth Meter: 0.93

Table Dimensions Ox H Lx Wx H: 106x86x38 Cm

Market Compliance: Global

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