Fredericks and Mae Bocce Set – Collectible


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Product Description

This collectible Fredericks & Mae Bocce Set is handmade by Gabriel and Jolie, owners of Fredericks & Mae. It consists of nine beautifully designed balls: one small ball (the Jack) and eight 3″ painted wooden balls, and a carrying bag. The nine balls are a delight to look at and to hold. The Jack is painted silver. The wood grain in the larger balls is predominant. Each of the large balls balls is adorned with bright round dots, in four color ways. They are then painted with either black or white longitudinal and equatorial lines. Those black or white lines distinguish each individual’s (or team’s) balls.
A stylish cotton drawstring carrying bag has hand silk-screen instructions on one side, making it easy to keep track of the rules. Bocce has roots in the ancient games of the Roman Empire. It is a perfect summer game, not too strenuous, a simple format, and adaptable in length. Bocce is traditionally enjoyed outdoors with two players or two teams of two, three or four. With Bocce there can always be time for conversation and conviviality.


Painted wood balls: Eight 3″ diameter, One 2″ diameter
Cotton drawstring bag

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