FH 419 Heritage Chair

Designed by Frits Henningsen in 1930.


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Product Description

Carl Hansen

Designed by Frits Henningsen in 1930, this chair has only been manufactured in very limited quantities. Drawing on classic British style, Frits Henningsen sought to develop a contemporary armchair with a high level of detail and quality. In 2013, Carl Hansen & Søn relaunched this beautiful chair.

The Heritage Chair is best placed where its soft lines and organic shapes can be viewed from all sides. With its beautiful details, arching curves and supreme comfort it is a gift to any room. The Heritage Chair ́s warm and elegant lines bear testimony to Frits Henningsen ́s constant pursuit of perfection. The relaunch of this design also demonstrates that his furniture pieces are as relevant today as ever. It has a radiance rarely found in modern furniture.

With a love for natural materials, Frits Henningsen created a chair that is inviting and evokes tranquility, fulfilling the eternal human quest for breathing space in a hectic daily life. It takes a skilled upholsterer about 12 hours to fit and upholster the Heritage chair. The Heritage Chair is available with contrast buttons, and with legs in oak or walnut. A matching footrest, CH420, can be added for extra comfort.

Carl Hansen & Søn and Sustainability:
People’s fascination with the combination of good design and wood, as well as other natural materials, is something that transcends time and fashion. believes that this fascination helps to explain the great interest in their furniture designs. The wood used in Carl Hansen pieces is sourced only from sustainably managed forests. Oak, beech and ash come primarily from Danish forests which are managed according to the principles described in Denmark’s National Forest Program; some of these wood types are also sourced from other similarly managed European forests, or, in the case of walnut and cherry, North American forests. Carl Hansen & Søn uses every possible bit of these fine hardwoods in their furniture production. Inevitably, however, there are some scraps, which are then used to produce other products or recycled in district heating plants.

About the Designer:
Frits Henningsen (1889-­1965) was known as an uncompromising designer. He viewed quality craftsmanship as the most important element of his work, making it his focus when developing new furniture. Unlike other cabinetmakers, Henningsen always created his own furniture pieces. ­ His greatest desire was to be recognized as a cabinetmaker and not as a furniture designer. After he opened his own furniture store in Copenhagen, he drew much inspiration from contact with customers, using daily conversations to better understand demand and apply this directly to the production process. At age 22, he completed his cabinetmaker apprenticeship with one of the most recognized cabinetmakers of his day, I.P. Mørck. Like many of his creative elite contemporaries, Henningsen then traveled around Europe to gather experience and inspiration, working in Germany, France and Great Britain for several years before returning to Copenhagen in 1915. In his designs, Henningsen was able to capture traditional expressions from other style periods and reinterpret them with a modern and organic flavor. He drew inspiration from earlier styles such as French Empire, Rococo, and British 17th­century furniture, much like one of the other great furniture designers of his day, Kaare Klint. The two designers met at technical college, where Kaare Klint was one of Frits Henningsen’s teachers. This encounter had a major influence on Frits Henningsen’s development as a cabinetmaker, while the competition that arose between the two men led to a constant renewal and reinterpretation of furniture craftsmanship by both parties.


Chair: 30″W x 37.5″D x 40.5″H
Ottoman: 21″W x 17″D x 16″H

Remix 2: 90% New wool worsted + 10% nylon
Hallingdal: 70% wool + 30% viscose
Divina Melange: 100% wool
Thor Leather: natural grain, semi-aniline, resistant finish

Contrast buttons also available. Please contact us for this option.

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