Stressless Elevator Ring

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Product Description


Give your Stressless® recliner or ottoman a boost with our Elevator Ring. Adding the Stressless Elevator Ring to your chair will make the seat height of your chair almost 1 1/4 inches taller. This is ideal for those who are taller or have a difficulties standing up when getting out of their chair. The Elevator Ring is available to fit small, medium and large size chairs, as well as the ottomans. If you do not know which size chair you have, please contact us so we can help you determine which size ring you need.

This Elevator Ring is compatible with chairs produced in 2013 and later. The ottoman Elevator Ring is compatible with all freestanding ottomans produced after March 1, 2004. Please contact us if:

  • Your chair (any size) was purchased before 2013
  • Your chair is a size Small and was purchased before April 2018

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