Dioscuri Globe Lights

Designed by Michele De Lucchi


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Product Description


These minimalistic lamps are a simple glowing globe. Elegant and useful, the Dioscuri Globes can work on side tables or on the floor for a chic lighting experience. Our favorite use is putting smart LED bulbs in these lamps for a colorful (and maybe even responsive) option. Plan a lot of parties? Change the lighting for each party, or have it change with the music.

Bulb not included.


Dioscuri 14 – 14cm (Ø5″)
Dioscuri 25 – 25cm (Ø10″)
Dioscuri 35 – 35cm (Ø14″)
Dioscuri 42 – 42cm (Ø17″)

Dioscuri 14 – 4W LED E12/G16.5
Dioscuri 25 – 75W E26/A19
Dioscuri 35 – 100W E26/A19
Dioscuri 42 – 100W E26/A21

*Bulbs are not included. Dimmable bulbs required.

On/Off Cord Switch for Dioscuri 14 / Dimmer Cord Switch for Dioscuri 25, Dioscuri 35, and Dioscuri 42

Globe diffuser in etched white hand-blown glass
Base in white polycarbonate with weighted steel base

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