Cerno Cubo LED Wall Sconce with Adjustable Arm

Wall-Mounted LED Sconce


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Product Description

Cerno’s mission is to “fuse quality, performance and resource efficiency with design”. Cerno successfully accomplishes this mission by building a product that will last using responsible materials and energy efficient LED technology. The Cubo LED Wall Sconce combines innovative design with simple materials to create a functional and beautiful light fixture. The Cubo mounts to the wall and can provide either task or ambient lighting. The arm extends and the head articulates to provide task lighting for reading or work. The arm then folds to store behind the light fixture. The white polymer shade diffuses the light to create a soft, glowing effect.

This fixture can be hard wired or ordered with a cord to plug into a standard outlet. You can also choose a right or left orientation. The left model has the polymer shade on the left, whereas the right model has the shade on the right.


9″W x 18.5″H x 3″D
22.5″ Arm Reach

Solid walnut body, aluminum arms, polymer shade
Full arm and light head articulation
Energy efficient LED light source
Fully dimmable
Walnut wood grain varies

Light output – 265 lumens
Light color – 3000 degrees K (warm)
Color accuracy – 82 CRI
Power usage – 6.3 Watts
Input voltage – 12V DC (adapter included)


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