Convenience Bench by Umage

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Product Description


The Convenience Bench by Umage will help you make the most of your square footage. This multi-functional solid oak bench can serve as a table, a seat or a shelf. How genius is that?

The Convenience Bench serves quite nicely as an end table next to a chair or a sofa. Or perhaps you need a seat next to your door for sitting to put on your shoes? Yep, it will work for that too. We actually recommend you get at least two of these tables because (if you weren’t impressed already) these tables are designed to neatly and safely stack on top of each other. Simply unscrew the metal plugs to create openings. Then, stack another bench right on top of that one without worrying it will slide off. The legs will fit perfectly into the openings, locking it into place. Ta-da! You’ve created a totally unique shelving unit. Now you’re really impressed, right?

This bench/table/shelf hybrid perfectly balances dark brown leather, solid oak and brass-plated steel details. Choose from a light, natural oak wood finish or a darker stained oak.


24″W x 15″D x 18″H

Solid oak, leather, brass-plated steel

This items requires some assembly.

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