Conform Timeout Chair – 4 Leg Base

Made in Sweden

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Product Description

Beautiful Swedish design and unbelievable comfort converge to create the Timeout Chair by Conform. This chair is not only beautiful, it is an extremely comfortable and fully functional recliner. This version of the Timeout Chair has a 4-leg base, which is available in metal or wood. Add a matching ottoman to create full body support and comfort.

The Timeout Chair seems to magically fit a wide range of body types. When you sit down, you will feel instantly supported. You might even feel like the chair was made just for you. Two sleek handles located underneath the armrests allow super smooth operation. Simply squeeze one of the handles to be able to move the chair into a reclined position. Then release the handle to lock in your position.

A height adjustable headrest also moves forward to support your head and neck. Simply pull the headrest forward to select one of three angle positions. The Conform Timeout Chair is also available with an extended back option and an extra high seat option.

Timeout Material Options

Choose from a number of luxurious covering options, including a wide range of high quality leathers, super soft sheepskins and European textiles. Wood elements are available in Black Stain Oak, White Ash, Lacquered Oak and Natural Walnut. The shell of the chair can be in any of the listed woods or in matching upholstery.

Timeout Base Options

This Timeout Chair features the 4-leg base, which is available in wood or silver brushed zinc-coated metal. Available wood options include black stained oak, white ash, lacquered oak and lacquered walnut.

Additional base options for the Timeout Chair include the swivel foot base and the round disc swivel base.

About Conform

Conform was established in 1978 in Sweden. Fourty years later, the company continues to design and produce its beautifully crafted furniture in Sweden. Conform collaborates with a number of well-establish Scandinavian designers to create beautiful and unique designs. Its products are available in a number of different material options so you can add the final touch to your furniture.

Conform furniture undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it will hold up to many years of use. In addition to standard durability tests, the furniture undergoes a serious of custom tests that Conform has designed. The armrests are exposed to 130 pounds of pressure about 20,000 times. A 265 pound bag is dropped into the seat and the backrest is pulled back with about 90 pounds of pressure – these actions are performed about 100,000 times.




Standard Version
31.5″W x 32″D x 40-42″H
Seat height: 16.5″
Ottoman: 20″W x 15″D x 16″H

Extended backrest: Adds 2″ to back height.
Extra high seat: Adds 1.5″ to seat height.


  • Choose from leather, fabric and sheepskin upholstery options.
  • Outer shell available in matching upholstery or in Black Stain Oak, White Ash, Oak Lacquered and Walnut wood veneer.
  • 4-leg stationary base available in wood (Black Stain Oak, White Ash, Oak Lacquered and Walnut) or brushed zinc-coated metal

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